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Open Reel Tape Machine M 063 H5

Analog High End Tape Machine with 1/4″ Tape width and Direct Drive

  • ¼“ or ½“ stereo with  2,75 mm or 5,5o mm track width
  • Direct drive brushless reel- and capstan motor
  • Speed ​​fine adjustment for capstan drive +/- 10%
  • 3 speed spooling
  • Reel size up to 30 cm
  • Edit function manually one-handed or via control knob
  • Counter with autolocator, speed display and tape level switchable 320nW/b and 514 nW/b
  • 3 speeds switchable 19/38/76  cm / s
  • Playback equalization switchable CCIR and NAB
  • Inputs and outputs calibrated or adjustable via level control
  • Master control for input level +/- 6 dB
  • Unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs, electronically balanced or desymmetrized
  • Separate power supplies for recording and playback amplifiers
  • High end headphone amplifier for headphones with impedances from 16 – 2000 ohm
  • Surfaces in black or silver anodized
  • Side panels in black frosted or wood
  • Flightcase
  • Available as playback-only machine in ¼ stereo

The M 063 H5 represents the upper end of the M 063 H range and is equipped with all the currently available equipment features. In addition, the otherwise optionally available wooden side parts and the equipment feets for vertical operation are also part of the delivery. In addition to the standard 2.00 mm track width equipment, the machine can also be supplied with 2.75 mm track width tape heads.

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