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Ballfinger Reel TS 27 A

Ballfinger Reel TS 27 A

10.5″/26,5 cm NAB  Precision Reel

Super light ¼“ precision reel with a weight of only 254 grams. Due to the large openings, the reel is perfect for handling. The plastic core is made of CNC milled, dimensionally stable POM (Polyacetale). The material thickness of the metal plates is 1.5 mm. No screws, the plates and plastic core are fully bonded, which further increases the strength of the reel. This reel has a very low unbalance and very good concentricity properties. Registered copyright design by Roland Schneider from 2018.

Color: core black/aluminum silver

Supplied with black/white archive box 280 mm x 280 mm x 18 mm