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Open Reel Playback Tape Deck M 003 P

Analog High End Playback Tape Deck

  • ¼“ half-track with  2,75 mm track width
  • Reel size up to 30 cm
  • Direct drive capstan and reel motors
  • 2 speeds 19 cm/s and 38 cm/s
  • Edit function manually one-handed
  • High resolution digital counter
  • 75 mm VU-meter
  • High end headphone amplifier
  • Electronically balanced outputs
  • Playback equalization switchable CCIR and NAB
  • Tape transport remote-controlled with infrared remote control
  • Front panel in silver or black
  • Side panels in wood or black frosted

The M 003 P is a pure playback machine in the popular vertical format for playing 1/4″ master tape copys. The base is the well-balanced tape transport system of the slim M 002 P, which we have been producing since 2019 and improved again in 2023. This tape transport consists of a torsion-resistant aluminum plate with precision-milled surfaces, to which all mechanical components are mounted at exactly the right angle. The reels are driven by ironless pancake motors that are electronically commutated and equipped with digital tape tension control on both sides. Like the reels, the capstan shaft is also driven by a brushless, direct-drive DC axial flux motor. This motor has a brushless sinus commutation with rotor angle detection which offers an extremely low torque ripple. The wow & flutter of < 0.04 % at 38 cm/s and < 0.06 % at 19 cm/s (rated) are excellent values, which are on the level of large studio tape transports. The motor is nearly vibration and noise free and requires no servicing thanks to precision ball bearings.

The power supply is a separate, electromagnetically shielded unit, which, in contrast to the usual high-end tape recorders, is permanently installed and positioned in such a way that there is no interference in the playback head and playback electronics. The power supply is located on the back of the machine, at the level of the reel motors, and is pivoted for better access to the tape transport components. The connection terminal can also be swiveled outwards. Like the power supply housing, it is made of 1.5 mm sheet steel and forms a unit together with all connections and the audio electronics. If both units, i.e. power supply and audio section, are unfolded, the tape transport is exposed from the back for any service work and the playback amplifiers can also be easily calibrated. Due to the high efficiency of the motors and the power supplies, which only produce low heat, the housing does not need any ventilation openings.

The integrated playback amplifier has electronically balanced outputs with separate circuit boards. Playback levels, treble and bass can be calibrated separately for each speed using particularly low-noise and low-distortion trimmers. For both speeds, 19 cm/s and 38 cm/s, CCIR and NAB equalizations are available, which can be switched on the control panel and are shown on the display. In addition, the M 003 P has a high-end headphone amplifier for headphones with impedances of 16 – 2000 ohms. This headphone amplifier is extremely low noise, has excellent dynamics and extremely low distortion even at high output power.

The M 002 P-VU can be operated vertically and horizontally. It is available in silver frosted and wooden or black finish.

This machine will be available from January 2025. Pre-orders will be accepted and confirmed. Please contact us by e-mail with your full name and place of residence.

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