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André Nendza – The Wayner from the 2020 album „On Canvas“ on Youtube

On Canvas is coming November 2022 as 1/4″ master tape at



Fu – Philipp van Endert Trio from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

Moon Balloon is available as 1/4″ master tape at



With kind regards from ELECTRI_CITY from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

Music: „Duesseldorf“ (Hans Peter Fassbender, Thomas Kruesselmann)

Excerpt from Robert Schumann: Symphony no. 3, First Movement

Voice: Joseph Beuys „Zu Kunst und Antikunst“, Disput 27.01.1970 in Duesseldorf

Masterering: Studio Ballfinger

Photographed and directed by Thomas Kruesselmann in summer 2021

Produced by Roland Schneider

Special thanks to: Michail Golzarandi, Harald Krohm, Ralf Weber




Trace – B-Side from the Album Birds – Mastertape Audio Sample

Rick van der Linden – Ian Mosley – Jaap Van Eik 1975

Play list & Credits:

1. King Bird (4.06)
2. First Avenue (0.31)
3. Sculptor-bird (1.29)
4. Second Avenue (0.15)
5. Preacher-bird (2.10)
6.Third Avenue (0.27
7. Birdcorps (0.52)
8. Firecorbs (0.43)
9. Birdcorps (0.12)/Mai-bird/Fourth (0.29) Avenue (1.54)/Soul-bird (1.41)/Mail-bird (1.24)/Sculpture-bird (1.29)/Second Avenue (0.15)/Preacher-bird (2.16)/Last Avenue (0.12)/King-bird (1.20)/Reflection (1.09)

Recorded and mixed May 1975 at Soundpush Studio´s, Blaricum, Holland
Produced by TRACE
Supervised by Richard de Bois
Technical producer: Jan Schuurman
All titles composed-arranged and directed by Rick van der Linden
Lyrics in the „Preacher-bird“: Mojo Harry

Album Credits:

Rick van der Linden, keyboards
(Grand piano kawai/Hohner clavinet/Hohner pianet/Hammond organ B3-M3/Church organ/Harpsichord Neupert/A.R.P.2600 synthesizer/EMI synti A/Solina string ensemble/Mellotron (choir-sting brass)/Optigan music maker/Steeldrums/Riha classica)

Ian Mosley, drums
(Drums/Timpany´s/Chinese gong/Duckcall/Tamburine)

Jaap van Eik, guitars + vocals
(Bassguitar Fender precision/Fender Stratocaster guitar/Fender fuzz/Vocals/Phased guitar)

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Ballfinger presents: Corinne Bahia of Daisy Grow Yellow performing her song „Victoria“ from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

Corinne Bahia of Daisy Grow Yellow performing her song „Victoria“
Filmed and recorded live at Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany

Playback on 15 IPS reel to reel tape machine Ballfinger M 063 H5 produced at studio Ballfinger Duesseldorf by Thomas Kruesselmann with many thanks to Heidi

Listen to Daisy Grow Yellow on:
Apple Music:

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National Emergency Mix on new Reel to Reel Tape Deck Ballfinger M 002 P from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

National Emergency Mix by Kids in a Toy Store, featuring Koko Kottmann (violin) and Ilan Amores (lyrics, vocals). ISRC: DEKM90800265 From the album “KIDS IN A TOY STORE -TWO”, (P) 2020 madi-music. LC 14161. Used with permission.

Music available here:



Peter Erskine Trio on Reel to Reel Tape Deck Ballfinger M063 H5 from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

Peter Erskine – Drums
Palle Danielsson – Double Bass
Rita Marcotulli – Piano

Live recorded in Genova, Italy by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo during the Gezmataz Festival, July 13rd 2014 with the Zerodieci Mobile Recording Studio.
Mixed at Zerodieci Studio by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo, Recording Assistant: Luca Nasciuti

Analog master tape playback from Analogy Records/Genova
Tape: RTM SM 900 1/4″ 2-track 2.75 mm 15 ips/38.01 cm/s CCIR
Tape deck: Ballfinger M063 H5 Stereo 2.75 mm

Video produced and directed by Thomas Kruesselmann at Studio Ballfinger Duesseldorf/Germany with many thanks to our friend Roberto “Robbo” Vigo from Analogy Records.



Making-of video of „Liza with Ballfinger“ from BALLFINGER on Vimeo

Making-of video of „Liza with Ballfinger“ by German art photographer Carsten Sander in March 2019

Music: Lambert & Dekker ‚Another One‘ from the actual album „We Share Phenomena“.
This album is coming soon on strongly limited analog studio master tape – world premiere on HIGH END 2019 in Munich.

Video production: Studio Kruesselmann Germany