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Turntable PS 2

Directly driven record player with active radial pick-up arm and moving coil system

Plattenspieler PS 2 Frontansicht


The PS 2 is the first record player, whose radial pick-up arm has been combined with a processor-controlled linear guidance. This new concept allows a perfectly straight pick-up arm without skating force or tracking angle error. A further innovative feature provides for turntable drive control when changing records: briefly placing a hand on it suffices to bring the massive aluminium turntable to a standstill. A brief tap will set it rotating again. Alongside the intuitive operation of the pick-up arm and the arrangement of the function keys, this ensures the exemplary handling of the PS 2. Furthermore, all the pluggable connections are arranged on the underside of the unit: the record player – together with other components of this design line – thus blends into sophisticated room concepts.



The PS 2 contains two microprocessors that operate independently: a chip constantly compares the turntable speed with the specified setting and regulates with exact quartz-crystal precision the power at the motor commutation amplifiers. This takes place in an absolutely linear fashion and without perceptible control behaviour. Furthermore, the motor possesses a very high maximum torque, which has a positive effect in the run-up phase: if the set rotation speed of the 4.7 kg heavy aluminium plate is reached after 4 seconds, then the smooth running bearing ensures that the motor only regulates the power by +/- 2.6 % of its rated power. This enables the drive to provide extremely consistent sound characteristics, untypical of direct drives. The second processor controls the position of the pick-up arm base. In this regard, the chip does not require any lateral force, but instead draws on the pick-up arm geometry as the control variable by using state-of-the-art non-contact sensor technology that exerts no force. The pick-up arm-base tracking is highly sensitive and takes place in real-time. A silent, finely balanced and multi-decoupled precision drive assumes the mechanical work. The activation and shutdown of this drive is fully automatically controlled. This allows the pick-up arm to be operated as a normal pivoted tone arm. Although the scanning angle of the pick-up arm can theoretically be set to a precise 0.00°, the skating force is far more important: this the main cause of the majority of signal distortions. With the PS 2, this is so low as to have no effect on the signal and does need to be compensated.

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