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Open Reel Tape Machine M 063 H1

Tonbandmaschine Ballfinger M 063 H1 Horizontal

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Analog High End Tape Recorder for Operation on External Playback Amplifier

  • Only playback
  • Reel size up to 27 cm
  • Belt drive capstan motor
  • 2 speeds switchable from 9.5 cm / s to 38 cm / s
  • Edit function manually one-handed
  • Hour meter
  • ¼“ Stereo with 2 mm track width
  • 2 speed spooling
  • Playback tape head direct to balanced XLR output
  • Ready to install in 19″ rack or console
  • Surfaces in black or silver anodized
  • Flightcase

The M 063 H1 is a pure playback machine and provides a pure high-end solution. As with the M 063 HX, the tape heads are directly connected to the XLR connectors, so the machine, similar to high-quality record players, serves as a pure drive and can be combined with various external playback amplifiers. There is also the possibility here to install another playback head, so that audio tapes with different track widths can be optimally reproduced.

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