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New M 002 P in Motion

Music: National Emergency Mix by Kids in a Toy Store, featuring Koko Kottmann (violin) and Ilan Amores (lyrics, vocals).




The Potential of Noise

From 1970 to the late 1980 Duesseldorf was the mecca of electronic music and even today, 30 years later, this influence is still felt in the city. Thus, the legendary Klingklang-Studio of the band Kraftwerk is located no more than 400 meters from our company and we are often asked by tourists about the way there. Kraftwerk was just one famous band produced by Conny Plank. Other bands and musicians he produced were: NEU, La Duesseldorf, DAF, David Bowie or The Eurythmics. Conny Plank was a genius, visionary and a man of conviction – so he refused a cooperation with the Irish rock band U2, although this band was then on the way up. The musicians and bands that Conny produced unfold in him a potential that they did not even know existed. In this respect, a considerable proportion of their success can be attributed to Conny. The  documentary film „The Pontial of Noise“ from 2017 reflects again what happened musically in Europe and especially in Germany in this era based on numerous interviews, pictures and sound documents.



Peter Erskine Trio on M063 H5

Live recorded in Genova, Italy by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo during the Gezmataz Festival, July 13rd 2014 with the Zerodieci Mobile Recording Studio.
Mixed at Zerodieci Studio by Roberto “Robbo” Vigo, Recording Assistant: Luca Nasciuti



Making-of video of „Liza with Ballfinger“ by German art photographer Carsten Sander in March 2019

Music: Lambert & Dekker ‚Another One‘ from the actual album „We Share Phenomena“.
This album is coming soon on strongly limited analog studio master tape – world premiere on HIGH END 2019 in Munich.

Video production: Studio Kruesselmann Germany